What is telehealth?

Telehealth is an alternate way to deliver our in-clinic services to our patients at SportsMyo. It involves accessing your therapist for a consultation remotely and is undertaken using a device (laptop, tablet, mobile) generally in the comfort of your own home or workspace.

What can telehealth help with?

Telehealth can help most patients that would typically attend in-person treatment at the clinic. It can help by allowing you to still receive guidance from your Myotherapist in a time when it is not appropriate to attend for face-to-face consultations, ensuring that you remain on track with your individual goals. If you are unsure whether telehealth may suit your current needs, please feel free to reach out for further guidance.

How does a telehealth consultation work?

A telehealth consultation works similarly to an in-person consultation; however, as expected, it will have a slightly different feel to it as the consultation is considered a lot more active and empowers you to do specific things to assist your current condition rather than receiving hands-on treatment on the table for that same condition. So, essentially, we will still be trying to find out what the problem may be, but how we address the problem will be different.

A consultation would generally follow this path: -

 The consultation begins with the patient history and establishing details of your current complaint
 We will then get you to do some specific movements so that we can assess your pain level as well as look at your movement quality
 We will then discuss and help educate you with what we think may be currently happening with your presenting condition
 We will also take an overview look at your training schedule and communicate with your coach (if applicable)
We will develop a management plan including any self-treatment options that we can help teach you remotely and an exercise management plan using the state-of-the-art Physitrack software and app.

After your consultation, you will go away and follow the plan and record the relevant details using the app. We can then monitor moving forward and adjust as needed, including exercise progressions and regressions. Post-session monitoring is a great tool and allows us to follow and adjust your plan as needed.

Private health insurance and telehealth

At present, private health funds do not offer rebates for Myotherapy telehealth services. However, health funds are listening to their members and may soon expand coverage to include Myotherapy telehealth services.

How will I pay for the consultation?

Payments are taken at the time of booking your appointment via the secure Stripe payment platform. If we establish at a later date that you are not suitable for a Myotherapy telehealth consultation and a refund is to be issued, then this same platform is used to process this.