Dry needling is a treatment option that is available at SportsMyo. Dry needling is a technique that is very well suited to use with athletes and has given some great results in the past and continues to be used by amateur and elite athletes in the build-up to their events and strategically throughout the competition period.

Dry Needling as a part of your Myotherapy consultation

The aims of dry needling at SportsMyo are to decrease local muscle tone (or tightness) that has been located during your consultation resulting in dysfunction. The therapist will determine by using range of motion testing & palpation of the muscles if they think you will benefit from dry needling or not. If the therapist concludes that there would be limited benefits of using this technique for your presentation, alternative manual therapy techniques will be recommended.

From experience, we have found that specific areas respond exceptionally well to dry needling, and the results usually are quite different from hands-on treatment options. Dry needling may be recommended in your initial consultation if throughout treatment we determine that you will get positive outcomes from this form of treatment. We will also discuss your planned training and competition schedule to ensure that any post-treatment soreness that can be a normal part of dry needling and other manual therapy techniques has a minimal negative effect on your upcoming plans.

You will always be included in the decision-making process regarding dry needling. There is absolutely no pressure for you to receive this treatment as part of your Myotherapy consultation if you are not comfortable with this form of treatment or are needle phobic.

Dry Needling experience and workshops

Toby has been using dry needling in a clinical environment since 2009.

Within the RTO space, he has taught dry needling in three separate Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy programs.

He continues to learn from both Australian and international leaders in the field, attending regular face-to-face conferences, seminars, and online educational presentation's.

At present, he is also assisting with the introductory and advanced dry needling workshops offered by CPD Health Courses.